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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Within the past few years my mother and two of my sisters have become gluten intolerant (or at least now they know why they have been feeling so lowsy all these years). BOO. Being part of an Italian family that eats a LOT of pasta...this has been no picnic for them. Although, it seems that there are a lot more gluten-free pastas out there now that are reasonably prices and are tolerable to the taste buds. My sister is turning 18 in a couple of days. Not only does she have an allergy to gluten, but also to dairy. What a rough combo. This is a rather recent discovery for her. I'd really love to make her a gluten-free/dairy free dessert or birthday cake, but am having a hard time finding something that doesn't require obscure ingredients that may be hard to find at the grocery store or that are just too expensive to justify the purchase. Anyone out there have any suggestions or recipes to share? Thanks....


Rachael said...

I've got some ideas for you:

1. Pamela's Baking Mix is awesome for being gluten-free

2. Coconut oil is a good butter substitute (you use 3/4 the amount of butter called for in baked goods). It is expensive to buy but has a lot of helpful uses and you could buy just a small jar (send me a Facebook message if you want to know about the other uses though, it's a bit more private ; ).

3. Any milk substitute will work in place of cow's milk in recipes.

4. You can get coconut milk ice cream to use in a dessert at Dominick's.

Betty Crocker just came out with gluten free cake mixes that Meijer has and Namaste mixes are another great thing to use for cooking desserts and baked goods (get them at Woodman's or natural food stores). Here's a blog post reviewing the Betty Crocker mixes:

Let me know if you need more ideas!

Racquel said...

Thanks so much! This information has been very helpful. I actually have some coconut oil in my pantry. I'm so not a baking mix person, but it seems for these allergies it's the most economical option. I'm totally going to try the coconut milk ice cream. THANKS!

The Petersons said...

A friends from church has the same two problems and her go-to is always Rice Krispie treats! Not exactly a fancy dessert, but who doesn't love 'em!?!