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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Homemade Wood Furniture Polish

Add ImageI ran out of furniture polish, so yesterday I decided to make my own out of 2 parts olive oil and one part lemon juice (both of which I already had). I used olive pomace oil. It's only about $12.99 a gallon, but it doesn't have a very good flavor for cooking with. I used it when I made soap as well. I just put the mixture in an old washed out spray bottle and used a microfiber cloth. It worked wonderfully and smelled good too. One thing I don't like about homemade house cleaners is that the house ends up smelling like vinegar when you are done. You can buy essential oils which help a little, but they are expensive and it doesn't seem to totally mask the vinegar smell. I give this recipe for furniture polish a thumbs up for sure.


Anonymous said...

How did it work for you? I've never used furniture polish (what type of furniture do you use it on? Does IKEA furniture need it?).

The Not So Simple LIfe said...

Sorry! I should have specified! It's for wood. We have several different wood furniture pieces.

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